IBT Vision & Mission

Our vision


IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC promotes lifelong learning and skills development for administrative, training and management positions, such as receptionists, clerks, secretaries, office managers, educators, managers, directors and entrepreneurs.

Our company

IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC is registered and licensed as a Free Zone Company under the rules and regulations of DMCC (License n°375019) and is a training institution duly approved by the Government of Dubai KHDA under the Educational Services Permit n°628185. We deliver professional and management development training through short duration courses for management, professional and personal development to adults who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in areas such as accounting, finance, business, secretarial skills, human resources, management, sales, marketing and education.


Our mission

The mission of IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC is to contribute to the global community by providing comprehensive and in-depth professional and management development training.


We aim to:

  • Prepare students for success in the global marketplace

  • Offer tailor-made education through a mix of traditional and innovative teaching

  • Strive to be a leader in professional and management development training

  • Uphold business ethics while focusing on the highest of standards

  • Serve as an intellectual resource and platform for the global business community

  • Make education accessible by offering full and part-time programs and distance-learning support through our Moodle portal

  • Provide education which focuses on professional, innovative and international people

  • Meet the needs of individuals, institutions and public agencies through a variety of non-degree seminars, modules and programs

  • Maintain high-tech educational services

  • Provide a multicultural and multilingual environment

Company registered & Licensed as a Free Zone Company under the Rules & Regulations of DMCC - Service License number DMCC-375019

Government of Dubai Knowledge & Human Development Authority - KHDA Educational Services Permit 628185.

Duns number:  561425041