Our educational services: quality and excellence!



IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC, specialised in professional and management development training, aims for teaching excellence achieved through three main elements:

1. A high quality of content through a detailed course framework

At IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC each course is designed by a doctor of business administration and a doctor of education. The instructors and the students will be provided with a Course Outline including the course title, the course description, the course objectives, the course outcomes, the course contents, the course evaluation method and the course bibliography. Hence, all students studying at IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC are provided with the same content and develop the similar skills, even if the instructor is different.

2. Highly qualified instructors

Instructors benefit from a proven teaching or training experience and should be qualified by a professional diploma, a bachelor, a master or even a doctorate, or equivalent, in their field depending on the level of the course taught. They should also demonstrate an extensive work experience in their field within small, medium and large organisations.

The instructors’ teaching is evaluated by the management and the students in order to improve the level of our services.


3. Highly motivated students

Adult learners should freely accept to commit into any training even if it is a short course. Therefore it is essential for them to be aware of the ins and outs of the course. 


At the beginning of each course, all students are invited to a mandatory Introduction Session. What is expected from the learners in terms of learning objectives, development of skills and behaviour during the course and in the training institute is discussed.


Further, IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC explains to students how they can achieve these and what resources are made available to them to do so. Trainees will be handed the Student Handbook which they will read, date and sign.

Professional & Management Development Training
  • ​Business & Secretarial Training

  • Management Training

  • Educators' Professional Training

  • Sales and Marketing Training

  • Accounting and Finance Training

  • Human Resources Training and Development

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