IBT Certifications

KHDA (Dubai, UAE)

IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC is a training institute duly approved by the government of Dubai KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority) under the Educational Services Permit n°628185.

All our training courses are duly approved by KHDA.


Our KHDA permitted training courses can be viewed here


CPD (London, UK)

IMMERSIVE BUSINESS TRAINING DMCC is MEMBER of The CPD Certification Service (London, UK) providing a recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD principles, to increase standards of CPD provision to professionals in relevant market sectors. 

Our CPD Certified training courses can be viewed here


Company registered & Licensed as a Free Zone Company under the Rules & Regulations of DMCC - Service License number DMCC-375019

Government of Dubai Knowledge & Human Development Authority - KHDA Educational Services Permit 628185.

Duns number:  561425041